L'Arboratoire: A syntactic tree corpus of French

This search interface was designed to integrate the authenticity of running text search with the flexibility and notational power of the VISL annotation scheme for syntactic trees. What you can search, is a growing set of French news text sentences, automatically FRAG-annotated by Eckhard Bick (VISL), and manually revised by Ane Dybro Johansen as part of a joint venture with Susanne Salmon-Alt (ATILF - Loria-LED). The FRAG-parser (French Annotation Grammar) is a multi-stage hybrid system, containing both probabilistic, Constraint Grammar and Phrase Structure modules. Input is first PoS-tagged with H. Schmid's and A. Stein's DecisionTreeTagger, then subjected to lexicon-based morphological markup and a PoS correction-CG, syntactic CG-parsing and a function based PSG. FRAG is accessible for online use.

This window will be used to show search results - in VISL's vertical tree annotation - if "source" is chosen in the visualisation menu. The "Slant" option will open a new (java) window, allowing graphical interactive tree presentation and manipulation. If you would like to experiment with live analyses, you can do so at the VISL project site, which features taggers/parsers for running text in a number of languages.